So the carrier pigeon died…

So I will become an expert on one of the following questions that I came up with:

When did the roots of globalization begin?

Testing,testing 1,2,3.

A Picture of Globalization

This picture represents one of my views on globalization. With globalization, everything is…well, global. It’s possible to buy products from all over the world, no matter where you live. Everyone on Earth has the chance(well, if you’re not dirt poor and have internet access) to buy an Apple iPod, a Toyota Corolla, or a Prada bag. Products are sold all over the world’s markets, and people also invest in these companies, which goes into the economics of things.The world is only getting smaller.



I’d like to thank the Academy, my Mom, my Dad, my friend Brittany back home for getting me started on blogging, my loyal followers on the other blog, my FSEM and Spanish professors, and the University of Mary Washington for this honor. I am truly blessed. Thank you.

Medvedev is stepping aside for Putin to run??

This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing because Russians love Putin, and he improves the country. Bad thing is that he’s somewhat communist(well…United Russia is his unofficial platform) and can send Russia back to the days of the USSR by making it less democratic.

I love Russia a little bit too much, so I just had to share

Those were the days

See me? Probably not. I look nothing like I do now. This picture was taken back when I was 15.

And yes, that is the United Nations.

Today’s class reminded me of two things: scouting and the UN. Scouting because Greenlaw is going camping with Boy Scouts, and the UN because we talked about it.

Well, back in 2007 and 2008, I had a chance to experience the UN through Girl Scouting(and no,I can’t sell you cookies anymore, I’m an adult member.)Back in 2007, I was fortunate enough to skip the entire second week of my freshman year of high school to travel to the United Nations 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference on Climate Change through Girl Scouts. Pretty cool, eh? I thought so. I had the opportunity to sit in on roundtables, sit through discussions, hear Ban Ki Moon speak,  and listen to people speak from around the world about how global warming is impacting their society, culture, and economy.It was a really serious and depressing thing to sit through, but it was inspiring at the same time. It was an awesome experience to take part in. Then in 2008, I went to an Environmental Girl Scout Leadership Institute in New York, and part of the week long institute, we got to meet with German representatives at the UN about climate change for an hour.

I guess this has to do with globalization a bit, on the environmental perspective of it all.

What I’d give to be 15 again.

If it wasn’t for Twitter,I don’t think I’d have a clue what’s going on in the world(when do I have time for TV?Last time I watched the news before bed, I dreampt I was Queen of Iran. Iran. One, Iran is a theocratic ‘democracy’ and doesn’t have a monarch, just a Supreme Leader and President and a bunch of other governing bodies that I had to know for that darn AP exam last year. Two, I’m not Muslim. Three, I’m a woman. I am still confused why I even dreampt this.)

Thank you, CNN for keeping me informed. You too, E!News. #prayforReeseWitherspoon

Globalization helping me in my life

Last night, I was stressing out about my Spanish work. I was studying like a madman(woman), stressing over it all. I really didn’t have practice with Spanish,except for the online labs. But that’s a computer. None of my friends are in a language this semester, so outside of class I really don’t practice it like I should–there isn’t an opportunity for it. Writing Spanish is one of my hardest things, because there are so many words(and I also add French in there, since I took French freshman and sophomore year in high school.IT’S SO SIMILAR,thank you Latin for confusing me with your romance languages…moving on). I mentioned in an earlier post that I have a blog outside of this, but not in this format. I would give out what site it is, BUT it’s like Narnia. All the hipsters have one.

If you know what “what is air?”, “I can’t even”,”THIS”,  “gpoy” means, know how to use GIFs, and  who the “Y U NO guy”, “trollface guy”, and One Direction are, then you know what blogging format I am talking about.

Anywho, I was blogging about how stressed I was about it after studying for awhile, and alas, one of my followers messaged me anonymously in English asking what was stressful about it. She then went on to say that she was from Colombia,(she wrote this part  in Spanish to see if I understood it) and asked me random things in Spanish.

So that’s what happened. I carried on a blog conversation in Spanish without the use of my book or dictionary with her.AND IT HELPED A LOT. I mean, it was a basic conversation. “Hi,how are you? What country are you from? What’s your favorite band”(which turned out to be the same–All Time Low).Practical small talk. I felt good that I had practice, and I was able to read the different posts. It was that extra reading and writing practice I needed, and I am grateful for it.

The fact I can connect with someone a continent away and speak a common language is astounding. It is easy to forget that America isn’t an island separated from the world. It’s connected to something larger, by this case, the internet and the knowledge of not one, but two languages.

Globalization—giving me a real life reason to fulfill my language gen ed requirement.

Dithering over Greek debt drags down world markets – Sep. 19, 2011

Dithering over Greek debt drags down world markets – Sep. 19, 2011.


Speaking of Greece, here’s a good article about what we discussed today in class.

S&P downgrades Italy credit rating on weak economic outlook – Sep. 19, 2011

S&P downgrades Italy credit rating on weak economic outlook – Sep. 19, 2011.


An interesting article I found on my Twitter feed about Italy’s weakening economy. Relevant to what we discussed in class today.