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Not globalization related, my apologies

24th March 2013 | Closed

Bobby created a song in Logic. I post it on here for him. Output 1-2 IF you still subscribe to this blog, I suppose I can start blogging again. I miss writing my thoughts about the world on the interwebs, even though I’m no longer in an FSEM. But hey, if my workload slows down […]

Just Rediscovered This Blog After Abandonment

29th July 2012 | Closed

Hello people that ever so kindly still receive feeds from my blog! So it’s summertime and less than a month until I return to the fabulous Mary Wash. A lot has happened since I abandoned this blog in December, so here’s a brief overview: Realized international affairs was my calling Spanish gets on my nerves, […]

Final Blog Reflection

12th December 2011 | Closed

So here I am at the end of the road, one full semester of college behind me. Nothing in high school could prepare me for college, no amount of AP classes or dual-enrollment classes could have helped. College was something I had nearly thought about over the course of thirteen years. I never actually thought […]

Globalization and the spread of news this week

8th December 2011 | Closed

A couple of days ago, I was on Facebook and a couple of people were saying, “Praying for Emani”. Well, there’s only one person anybody knows with that name from my high school, a person I was really good friends with. So, I Googled her name,expecting all her high school basketball articles/videos would show up,but […]


9th November 2011 | Closed

While at the UN and leadership institutes(2007 & 2008 respecitvely), I was fortunate enough to study under Tariq Banuri, who is prominent with different NGOs. His theory was simple and can be paraphrased as this: emissions follow population and that energy is a basic human need. The world is divided, according to Banuri, between the […]

Environmental impact of globalization: my intro

9th November 2011 | Closed

I cannot wait until Friday’s discussion in class. I MIGHT ACTUALLY SPEAK. I feel as if I might toot my own horn a little bit……as I am… acclaimed expert in the area of environmentalism. Qualifications: Attended the 60th Annual DPI/NGO United Nations Conference: Climate Change, How It Impacts Us All Attended Girl Scouts of the […]

Kim Kardashian’s marriage may have lasted 72 days, but other couples keep it coming

1st November 2011 | Closed

(Image from The Washington Post via Twitter) Alas, as predicted, the world has reached a population of 7 billion people. 7 billion people to live by. 7 billion neighbors. 7 billion people to make friends with. 7 billion people to marry. 7 billion people to reproduce. 7 billion mouths to feed. 7 billion to compete […]

After being caught in an intensive crossfire of discussion today my mind wandered into oblivion on how messed up my culture is and began to question if I had lost anything of what I once was and whether or not it was drastic or not and questioning should I regain my old culture or continue to be content with what I have now

24th October 2011 | 1 Comment

As the long title implies, I am lost in thought at the moment. So, with my roommate out of the room and at Jepson, I began to talk to myself(no,I didn’t answer myself). During this thinking-out-loud session, I realized another portion of my quarter-life-crisis. And here we have the ever so fabulous, bustling, thriving Rustburg, […]

Midterm Reflection

13th October 2011 | Closed

Stepping into this FSEM, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew the basics of globalization from my AP Comparative Government class senior year. I knew the definition, and that was pretty much it. I never really took the time to ponder what it was really about. I never really thought it connected to outsourcing, or […]

My world vs.This world

11th October 2011 | 2 Comments

Lynchburg(well, Rustburg, but nobody knows where that is) vs Fredericksburg: Two very different cities allow me to have two very different lives. Rural vs City: Rustburg’s population is right around 1,000 people. There really isn’t anything there: just the elementary,middle, and high school(my old high school only has 800 people) on the same street, a Food Lion, […]