Globalization and the spread of news this week

A couple of days ago, I was on Facebook and a couple of people were saying, “Praying for Emani”. Well, there’s only one person anybody knows with that name from my high school, a person I was really good friends with. So, I Googled her name,expecting all her high school basketball articles/videos would show up,but it directed me to a Hampton Roads/Newport News website. I knew she was going to Christopher Newport University, which is in that area. The article I found wasn’t pleasing. She had been hit head on by a drunk driver, killing two of her friends and leaving her in critical condition.

Through the internet, I found this out.

Today, news broke of another shooting at Virginia Tech, a college where several faculty members I know work at. Two are dead from the account, and as I watch ABC7 out of DC, they are airing CBS7 out of Roanoke, a station I grew up watching. At this moment I’m watching a live stream from ABC13 out of Lynchburg. They are getting information through technology–the Twitters of VT students,trending topics on Twitter, Facebook statuses, and  cell phones.

My thoughts go to both universities this week.

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