While at the UN and leadership institutes(2007 & 2008 respecitvely), I was fortunate enough to study under Tariq Banuri, who is prominent with different NGOs. His theory was simple and can be paraphrased as this: emissions follow population and that energy is a basic human need.

The world is divided, according to Banuri, between the North and the South, divided by the equator. The Northern hemisphere is substantially modern in comparison to the Southern hemisphere(excluding Australia, etc.) In the modern world, there are different sources of alternative energy, and of course the latest technologies. Third world countries do not have this luxury; they are just starting to well, develop, and gain mass technology and electricity. What’s the source of this energy? Coal. Sure, they could use other sources of power, but they just can’t afford it. “Expansion is constrained not by demand (efficiency, population) but by supply (investment capacity).” Third world countries just don’t have the resources to have clean energy.

So what happens when you get these new factories in a country that doesn’t have emission standards in place?

Extreme pollution.

And what does that cause?

Short term- health problems to the citizens. Disease, contamination, etc.

Long term…if you believe in it- Global warming.



I may pick up on this later.



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