Environmental impact of globalization: my intro

I cannot wait until Friday’s discussion in class.


I feel as if I might toot my own horn a little bit……as I am…er..an acclaimed expert in the area of environmentalism.


  • Attended the 60th Annual DPI/NGO United Nations Conference: Climate Change, How It Impacts Us All
  • Attended Girl Scouts of the USA’s Climate Change Leadership Institute which featured a ton of speakers from NASA and NGOs. I actually have the flashdrive with me.
  • Featured in a book entitled Generation Green┬áby Linda Siversten
  • Featured in Justine┬ámagazine
  • Numerous Girl Scout articles in my local council
  • Participated in a climate change Girl Scout camp
So, I’m going to think about all the stuff I’ve ever heard….and have it condensed into a post before class on Friday.
Sound awesome?
I think so.

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