Kim Kardashian’s marriage may have lasted 72 days, but other couples keep it coming

(Image from The Washington Post via Twitter)

Alas, as predicted, the world has reached a population of 7 billion people.

7 billion people to live by.

7 billion neighbors.

7 billion people to make friends with.

7 billion people to marry.

7 billion people to reproduce.

7 billion mouths to feed.

7 billion to compete for jobs.

7 billion people to require medical care.

7 billion people to make the Earth a tinier place.


And what does this mean for inhabitants of Earth? I have theories as to what can go wrong.

  • Food shortage: 7 billion people  + the evolution of cities + amount of fertile land(global warming)= lack of food. Simple equation. Food shortages will happen, depending on seasons and whether or not global warming is going to impact us.  I have created a basic equation based upon what I learned at the United Nations: Global warming + rising temperatures= lack of food = hungry/angry people= instability = anarchy = war = doomsday.
  • Residence: If the population continues to grow(which it will), where will everyone go? China and India continue to grow exponentially and already have the highest populations in the world. Cities are continuously becoming more crowded all over the world, and annexing other areas. Where will all these new people live?
  • Age divide: The modern world(US, UK,etc.) has older people because of the technology and improvements on health. There isn’t a population increase in the United States, as we are still in war-time and most people,men and women, work steady jobs and are no longer popping out 5 children to help on the family farm. However, in the developing countries, the population continues to rise(India). It could be very possible that the world could become old people vs. young people. How would this play in on governments?
Granted, the possible scenarios I have created could or could not happen. They are just theories that popped into my mind.

Congratulations on the success thus far, Earth. My condolences, Kim.


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