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9th November 2011 | Closed

While at the UN and leadership institutes(2007 & 2008 respecitvely), I was fortunate enough to study under Tariq Banuri, who is prominent with different NGOs. His theory was simple and can be paraphrased as this: emissions follow population and that energy is a basic human need. The world is divided, according to Banuri, between the […]

Environmental impact of globalization: my intro

9th November 2011 | Closed

I cannot wait until Friday’s discussion in class. I MIGHT ACTUALLY SPEAK. I feel as if I might toot my own horn a little bit……as I am… acclaimed expert in the area of environmentalism. Qualifications: Attended the 60th Annual DPI/NGO United Nations Conference: Climate Change, How It Impacts Us All Attended Girl Scouts of the […]

Kim Kardashian’s marriage may have lasted 72 days, but other couples keep it coming

1st November 2011 | Closed

(Image from The Washington Post via Twitter) Alas, as predicted, the world has reached a population of 7 billion people. 7 billion people to live by. 7 billion neighbors. 7 billion people to make friends with. 7 billion people to marry. 7 billion people to reproduce. 7 billion mouths to feed. 7 billion to compete […]