My world vs.This world

Lynchburg(well, Rustburg, but nobody knows where that is) vs Fredericksburg: Two very different cities allow me to have two very different lives.

Rural vs City:

Rustburg’s population is right around 1,000 people. There really isn’t anything there: just the elementary,middle, and high school(my old high school only has 800 people) on the same street, a Food Lion, a family owned store, a dollar store , a Hardee’s(even though out on the far regions they just built a McDonalds) a Wells Fargo, a BB &T, a Subway, a pizza place or two, a Mexican restaurant, and a diner. Everybody knows everybody. Everybody’s parents know everyone else’s parents. Most likely, you are even still living on the same property your great,great,grandfather lived on.I know I did, off a dirt road. Most adults work for the county, the nuclear power plant, or for the various universities in Lynchburg or just in Lynchburg in general. Fredericksburg is different, even from Lynchburg, which is 20 minutes away from Rustburg( aka. college city USA: Liberty University, Sweet Briar College, Central Virginia Community College, Randolph College, and Lynchburg College.And no, none of these schools interested me having grown up around them all my life, especially LU). There aren’t businesses shutting down every five seconds(our mall is basically a ghost town: a movie theater, Belk, Sears, JC Penney, Macy’s and a few boutiques and that’s it.Spotsy Towne Centre puts it to a dying shame), there’s more traffic(I don’t suppose there are any unpaved roads up here or roads without lines on them, which is strange), people do NOT know how to drive, and nobody has a southern accent,which is all I’m used to(except for the fact I don’t really have one.I used to, though, but it went away, especially after I spent a summer in NYC when I was 15.My voice can change depending on who I’m with)—except for Tanner. Going off on a tangent, even the food is different here, but I’m SO HAPPY WE HAVE A COUNTRY COOKIN’. I LOVE THAT PLACE. I took a friend of mine from Manassass there and she looked at the menu and asked, “Can steak really be fried?” My answer: “Anything can be fried”. I suppose college has been a culture shock for the most part, but I’m enjoying every second of it, considering I never felt at home at home. So far at Mary Wash, I feel that I fit in like a puzzle piece.

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  • Funny. I had a similar kind of experience when I came to UMW but I am originally from NJ so it was a bit different for me. Even though living in the South (yes to anyone up north VA is the South even though I see the nuances in it now) was a bit of a culture shock, like you I came to love Mary Wash and its community.

    1 Neo-Rev said this (October 13, 2011 at 9:55 pm)

  • Hey, I KNOW where Rustburg is. I lived in Halifax County for seven years. Lynchburg was 60 milss t the north and the Research Triangle of NC was 70 miles to the south. This is a charming piece and I hope that you continue to post. I will be watching.

    2 JoAnn Schrass said this (October 12, 2011 at 10:35 am)